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User Research

One of my favorite aspects of user-centered design is the constant engagement with users. I enjoy taking a problem or a business requirement and being able to understand the design space it revolves around.

I conduct literature reviews to get background information on a topic and then generate interview protocols for contextual inquiries to gather valuable insights and data from users. I then take this data and construct scenarios, personas, and goals to define potential features, interactions, or flows for a solution.

UX Design

I enjoy the process of learning about and understanding how users think and feel when interacting with a product and use their feedback to construct, improve, or enhance their experiences.

I want to apply my technical and creative prowess into developing storyboards, workflow diagrams, information architectures, conceptual diagrams, wireframes, UI mock-ups, and interactive prototypes. I also enjoy performing user tests to gather necessary feedback to drive iteration on ideas and designs.

Product Management

I am a go getter and love to collaborate with users and team members to build and improve products. When I work on any given project, I am part of every step from ideation to QA'ing to launch and analysis.

I thrive off of user data, whether it comes from metrics and usage logs, reaching out to users, monitoring support, or internal feedback. I am the go to person for anything relating to our products. I lead daily stand up meetings and liaise between all our teams to get the job done right and on schedule.